Saturday, September 13, 2014

I Woke Up Like This - Art Journal Page

Happy Saturday,

I'm sharing this post with you and Paper Saturdays.  When I test out a newly carved stamp, I hate to get rid of the test print because, though it may not be perfect (yet), there's something interesting about it.

This is the largest stamp in my collection and getting a good stamped image, especially in the center,  is challenging. I've tried flat surfaces, foamed surfaces and placing the stamp face up and putting the paper  on top of the stamp .  That works well but I had to be careful of the paper shifting.

  I thought it would be fun to add some body parts.   The title is from a Beyonce song. 

Well that's it for me today.  I encourage you to check out what the good folks over at Paper Saturdays are creating.

Until the next blog....enjoy!



  1. I love humor. I love art. But, what I especially like is humor in art, and you have given me that in this stamp! I also think very creative the versatility of this stamp, as you have shown in the images above! Love your growing collection of stamps, Carol!

  2. I like the cubist feel that adding a body to the square shape of your hand carved stamp image gave to the pages. The color washes were a nice finishing touch. Blessings!