Monday, December 1, 2014

Ornament/Card Idea

In past holidays I would run myself ragged trying to make a different unique holiday card for each person I was giving cards to.  The past couple of holidays I decided I would choose one or two of the images that I wanted to use to make one or two different types of cards.  In this way, I can get an assembly line going and the cards come together quick and I'm not frazzled in the end.  

If you don't know this about me, you know it now, I will reuse an image over and over in various art journal pages, projects and so on.  I enjoy seeing an image take on a new life in a different project.  So that is why you see many posts using the same image.  That being said, the next life for this art image is as an ornament.  And what better way to present it then on a holiday card.

Starting off with Tim Holtz Fragment Charms that comes in various sizes.  I scanned my art and resized it to fit the size of the charm that I was using.  After some experimenting, what worked best for me was using a washi tape that had some of the same colors as the art to adhere  the picture to the charm. To be safe I did put a little bit of glue on the washi tape to be sure that it would not lift off at some point.  

The card measures 4 x 5.5 and I made a front for the card that was slightly smaller, with a circle cut out.  The card front has foam tape on  the back.   The ornament is attached with washi tape on the back (so it doesn't damage the paper when its taken off) and hangs nicely through the circle cut out.

These fragment charms have a lot of possibilities and could also be used as tags on gifts.  These ornaments can come together pretty quickly once you've attached your picture to your charm. I ended  up making tags with the left over circles.  Waste not!!   Let me know if you make these ornaments, I'd love to see them.

Thanks for taking the time to stop by today.  Until the next blog...enjoy


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  1. Wow! These pieces are so very creative, Carol! The fragment charms are so versatile, too!