Sunday, March 29, 2015

What's In My Art Journal - Me!

Happy Sunday everyone!

I'm one of those people who prefers not to  have my picture taken, never likes how the picture turns out, is horrible at selfies and rarely post pictures of self on the internet. I have a set of girlfriends (yall know who you are!) that LOVES to document all of our shenanigans.  It's all in good fun, though, I cringe on the inside.  BUT, I'm workin' on it!!!

On to the journal.  Again, I'm working in my homemade journal.  I've said it before and I'm going to keep on saying it, I love the pages in this journal because the background, which is the majority of the work,  is already done for me.

 Using Tim Holtz tissue paper(trim to 8.5"x11"), I painted a very light layer of clear gesso over it.  In the picture, you can see the white scrap paper I have underneath.  And when it dried the tissue paper was lightly stuck to the paper, which was perfect because I was going to tape the edges down with washi tape.  So, if you try this and the paper doesn't stick, just tape the edges down.  Next I selected this picture of myself because THIS expression I could live with. LOL!

 Anyway, next,  I printed it onto the tissue paper with an inkjet printer. Even with the gesso, the ink sits on top a bit so you need to really dry this with a heat gun or let it sit for a  good while.  There is a product you can buy, made by Liquitex, that allows for  printing on different surfaces .  I don't have it and I can't remember the name for you. So, gesso I go.

Next, cut the picture out. The page I wanted to use had a lot of dark colors and sense the tissue paper is see-through, I put a white wash of paint down. This way the picture will stand out more.

Once the paint was dried, I glued the tissue picture down with Mod Podge.  I noticed the picture was still smudging.  I placed a napkin over the picture and gently rubbed so the napkin could absorb some of the ink.  If you have a fixatif spray that would be good. But I would not recommend painting a sealer on top, the ink will smear.

I then sanded the tissue picture to distress it and added some text.  Voila! I'm done.

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Until the next blog...enjoy!!


  1. Very nice work.
    Your picture shows you exactly as you are! A kind, wonderful, talented and beautiful woman that you are! Thank you for sharing!

  2. I love how you have brought the text from the background right into the foreground, Carol! You are a beautiful woman--and it shows here! Nicely choreographed, my friend!

    1. Kay I appreciate you more than you know, thank you!!