Sunday, July 5, 2015

What's in my art journal? - REMIX!!

How's everyone doing?

Hope you enjoyed the 4th.  The last few days has been physically exhausting for me.  Two years ago, almost to the day, I had to give up my craft room.  I had to move about 85% of it into my bed room and the rest was spread out through the house.  Well I've just gotten it back and have been moving, rearranging and decorating both rooms.  I tried to use this opportunity to downsize my craft supplies, (Guys, I really tried!!) Sadly (?) I didn't throw away much in the process, and I still have craft stuff in my bedroom closet.  Apparently I'm a hoarder. Presently,  I don't know where my art journals are but the craft room is OPEN and I couldn't wait to create something, anything, in there this morning.  

My tablet cover was in need of a lil sprucing up.  I got it from the store 5 Below.  It was the only one for my size tablet and I wasn't particular about the design but I needed a cover and I'm cheap.

Recently I made and art journal page with one of my new stamp designs and thought I'd create an alternate version of it ( click here for that page).  This is the remix!  I used stencils, distress paints, archival ink, acrylic paint pens, and my two newest stamp designs. I think I'm going to like carrying this around town now.  

Do you wear your art? or use it in a functional way?  

Thanks for your visit today.  Until the next blog...enjoy!


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  1. Hi, Carol, the answer to those last two questions is YES! I had a piece of my art placed on the front of my art apron and I love it. When I go to classes, I have the instructors autograph my apron! Secondly, I upcycled a Pringles can in which I now store some of my markers! I have also done a few coasters for my craft room. It's not that I think that my art is all that great, it's just that I am comfortable with it.

    Love your companion cover here (and I do remember the other one!). And don't call yourself cheap, are frugal! Great remake here.

    Glad you have your space (and your bedroom) back, my friend. Downsizing is difficult...I am currently fighting that battle!