Sunday, August 9, 2015

What's in my art journal? - Why it's a window!

Sometimes, just sometimes, ya gotta have a window.

 I worked on this art journal page  a lil while back.  2 days ago I came up with another idea for it.  (You'll notice that I started cutting away before I took the picture and tried to place the pieces back. )

Behind it sits a journal page I featured not too long ago, Son and the Moon.  I decided that I needed a window  to see a glimpse of it.

Once I cut the hole for my window, I taped some acetate to the back of the window before taping the window over the hole.

I wanted to keep the tops of the numbers that were being cut out because parts of them were showing from underneath the window.  I placed the cut pieces on top of the window frame for a lil 3D effect.

What a view!!

I appreciate your visit today and hope you stop by again.  Until the next blog...enjoy!!


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