Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Tuesday's Share - Embellishment Tutorial

Well hello there!,

Today I'm chiming in with an Embellishment Tutorial.  I'm using Tim Holtz Sweater Knit dies.  These dies are a lil tricky to work with or it.  I noticed a couple of the spots that just won't cut all the way through and I've tried it with different papers.  Now if you have conditioned your dies with dryer sheets so the pieces fall right out, you may not be able to do this project....so let's pretend you haven't done that.

After running the die through on some cardstock, I turned the die over and thankfully all of the pieces were still inside the die.

Next, I put a strip of washi tape on the top half of the die and another piece on the bottom half.  They should overlap each other.  The tape should be longer than the die.

(sorry no picture of that step)

Then I burnished the tape really well and turn the die over.  Using a sharp point, I gently pushed the paper through the little pin holes, careful to poke just enough to release the paper so that it makes contact with the washi tape.

Once I poked through all the holes, I gently started peeling the tape back.  If a piece of the paper wasn't on the tape I just put the tape back over that spot and poke through the pin hole again.

After peeling back all of the tape, I placed the washi tape, paper side up and used another piece of washi tape to tape the ends down.

Here comes the fun part.  Taking some really fine glitter and pouring it on top of one of the strips, I rubbed the glitter in all the crevices really good.  Poured off the excess glitter and set the piece of washi tape to the side.

With the other strip, I painted Faber Castell Glaze over the strip and left it to dry. Note to self: do not use glaze on the same paper glitter was used, unless you want glitter in the glaze.

Now these strips can be used to embellish a card or art journal page. I believe I'll be making more of these.

Thanks for stopping by. I'd love to read your comments.

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  1. Excellent tutorial, Carol! I don't have these TH dies, but I do have some others. There is definitely a learning curve in using his metal dies. I have found that (for general purposes) using a toothbrush to do the "poking" can be pretty handy, too! Love your results today!