Sunday, December 6, 2015

What's in my art journal? Two Pages from One

The only Christmas shopping I've done so far, is grabbing a deal on 3 coloring books.  The one I'm keeping for myself is this one.

I thought I would create a page from an accidental picture of the  inside of my car.

Then using a page of a busy city street scene from the coloring book, I came up with this.

Up close it really looks like this scene was happening in front of my car.  NOW, I can't decide if I want to add color to it or not.  What do you think? I hope to have a video of this process posted soon.

Ok, so, I had an interesting strip of that page left over.  Of course, it has to be used!! In my handmade journal, I have a page that I used to mop up excess inks from stencils.  Perfect for this strip.  Right now, I think this page is complete.....but you know how that goes.

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Until the next blog...enjoy!!



  1. I like it the way it's that's cool

  2. I think this busy scene might become overwhelming if colored, Carol, but I would love to be proved wrong! ;-) And, yes, it does look quite real to me!

    1. I agree. I've decided to leave it as it.

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