Saturday, May 18, 2013


...and who doesn't love to play?    I ventured into my studio with ideas dancing in my head.  I imagined there would be this frenzy of paper, paint, and inks flying through the air along with a video of the amazing creation!!!! Well, that didn't happen, instead I ventured into the studio and played with some new items.  I went to Michaels three times today.  That's right, I said three.  Generally, I'm not an indecisive person when it comes to buying craft supplies, however, today I couldn't make up my mind. I ended up with:

A few bottles of Tim Holtz new Distress Paints (on sale, who am I kidding, I'm gonna have to back and buy all of them )

Kraft Glassine (very cool wax paper like paper, tons of possibilities)

Various embellishments

Cling stamps- also on sale

XL Recycled Bristol paper (on sale, sooo I had no choice but to get it.  Its a 96lb paper good for mixed media.  One side is smooth the other is side is textured.

Canvas pad - never tried it before but looks like fun.  There are 10 sheets of 12x1 6 sheets of canvas for acrylic and oil paints.

Back to where I started, so I ventured in and started playing with the paints and testing them out.  The paints are extremely cool and once dried they do not re-wet.  I think that will be perfect for backgrounds.  The Glassine paper is really really cool.  I’ve got an idea in mind that I’ll show later.  I played so much, I completely forgot about the wonderful video I was going to do.  And now it's time to get ready to watch the taped last episode of scandal.. :( .. sniff. 
Wait! There’s more.  Then I went to AC Moore (formerly Ben Franklins), looking for a particular paint brush and just my luck they had it.  Not only did they have it, it was on SALE!!! And what a sale, Winsor & Newton Cotman wash brushes are normally like $30 bucks (and I would NEVER spend that kinda money on a brush.  I’m real cheap $4 a brush is my limit).  These babies where on sale for $2.50.  Let me spell that out..two dollars and fifty cents.  I got the last two and a couple of round brushes.  What a great day.  

The above is a painting of a fairy getting caught in a spring rain shower. (I liked the pic so much I put a version of it in my art journal, ck out the video)

Until the next blog..



  1. I love to play in my studio, Carol, and I love to shop for art supplies! I have 3 of the new TH Distress Inks, but, like you, want them all. I thought 3 would be enough for a "test drive," but not so. Love the fairy piece you have created here. You are such an inspiration (not to mention enabler!).

  2. Thank you Kay. Yes, three is good for the test but we need them all for the journey! We must enable each other as often as we can. LOL!

    Enjoy the next video!