Sunday, May 28, 2017

What's in my art journal? Workshop Sneak Peek

Happy weekend everyone!

I'll be teaching an art journal workshop locally (Newport News, VA) in July and I'm super super excited about it.  We'll be making a 9 x 6, 16 page PHUNKY journal (say that fast 5 times). You'll have the option of making two different kinds or a combination.  One of the options is unlike anything you've ever made before!!! Sorry that's all I can say.   Here's a sneak peek at two of the pages from my journal.

Meet Joe, he's a new stamp (coming soon to my Etsy shop) and he's chillin' on the edge of this journal page.  I placed a piece of white paper behind him so you could focus on the edge of the page.

Taking advantage of the shape of Joe's page, on the backside I drew a male figure.  Depending on how you see him, he's either looking around the corner, hanging out on the side, or simply just another side of Joe.  You decide, maybe you see something completely different.

Anyway, the point is, take advantage of pages with odd shape (particularly junk journals, torn pages) and make them work for you.

I mentioned new Joe stamp will be in the shop soon as well as a few others next week.  I can't wait to show you.  I'll keep you posted about the workshop.

Thanks for stopping by.  As usual, until the next blog...enjoy!!

Sunday, May 21, 2017

Homemade Color Sprays - Cheap! Cheap! Cheap!

Super quick video showing how to make color sprays from food coloring. They react similar to my beloved distress inks (though nothing can take the place of them, this is a fun alternative)

 I'd love for you to try it and let me know about it.  I don't know how long the colors will stay vibrant but they sure are a lot of fun.

Thanks for stopping by.  Until the next blog...enjoy!

Sunday, May 7, 2017

What's in my art journal? Thoughts and Theories

Hello everyone,

I'm really really enjoying where some of my art journal pages are taking me.  I'm trying on some different styles and loving it.  Maannnn, if you want to unlock some creativity....try something different.  So now, I'm on a personal quest to try something different at least once a month.  I can't wait to see where that takes me in life.

But on to the art journal page, I have tons of brand name products and they are all wonderful, however, A brand name product is sooo not necessary.  A "GOOD" product IS necessary.  On a trip to the dollar store I picked up some washable markers.  Using them as I would distress markers, I scribbled them on a sheet of plastic, added water, dribbled, flicked, and splattered the color on my two page spread.  The shape of one of the drippings looked like a figure, so I outlined it with a fine black marker.  Then I added some zig zag stitches with my sewing machine along the corners, leaving thread tails. In the left corner, is piece of tissue wrap.  The chip board words are perfect for this page, reflecting how I was feeling.

Because the markers are "washable" you can literally blend it out until it's gone.  You, also, can achieve a lot of the different effects with them, much like the distress markers.  The page is so different from what I normally would create.  I love the simplicity of it and how the point of it is so clear.

I encourage you to go out and buy some cheap products, good products, different products, and try something different. Be open to the process,  I guarantee you will have fun! I'd love to hear about what you've tried and to see your projects.

Thanks for stopping by.  Until the next blog...enjoy!

Sunday, April 30, 2017

What's in my art journal? We Giants

I'm preparing to teach a live art journal workshop locally and I've been having a lot of fun playing in the handmade journal that we'll make in that workshop.

If you get struck by the dreaded "blank page", tear out a scene from a magazine or in this case a coloring book and build your page from there.  I have a couple of stamps with the figure in a sitting position and I like plopping them on top of all kinds of objects.

This hand carved Funky Girl stamp is so appropriate for my vision on this page.

The page already had a light wash of color on it.  After gluing the scene down and adding my stamp image on top, I brushed clear gesso over them both.  The gesso allows me to add a wash of color over the images, otherwise the paper would just absorb the wash without being able to blend it.

The words at the top are washi tape from Tim Holtz  and I cut the bottom letters out from a magazine.
We giants, we are so much more than we allow ourselves to believe or imagine.

I appreciate your visit today, thanks for stopping by.  Until the next blog...enjoy!


Sunday, April 16, 2017

What's in my art journal? Oh My!!!

 *fans self*

I don't always use men on my art journal pages, but when I do, it's Idris Elba!

Thought I'd try something different, create a page with a MAN on it!!! This was really interesting to create.  Starting with a page that already had a bit of distress color on it, I had to be careful not to put down a color that may change the mood of the page.

If you don't know who Idris Elba is, just google him.  SEX E!!! (sigh) Anyway,  He stars as  a detective  in this series called Luther (check it out on Netflix).

I wanted this magazine clipping to look like either he was becoming part of the background or that he was coming out of the background.  Viewer decides.  And guess what?  He watched me the entire time.....I think he enjoyed it!

I appreciate your visit today, thank you.  Until the next blog...enjoy!

Thursday, April 6, 2017

Humpty- Old News Art Journal Page tutorial


The new Turbo tax 2017 commercial about an injured Humpty Dumpty literally cracks me up!! (pun intended). Here's my take on it: The story is obviously old news.  The page shows various old newspaper clippings.

Here's a close up of the page, but check out the tutorial for the step by step  creation at the end of this post.

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Wednesday, March 29, 2017

New Video


I mentioned the other day that I was working on a video, well here it is.  It's a mixed media painting using stencils, stamps, dylusions paints and distress inks.

Until the next blog..Enjoy!