Sunday, June 16, 2013

Art Journal Page - Just another random day

This was a true Art Tantrum day.  I decided to just use whatever scraps, stamps, inks, etc. that was on my craft table and just randomly glue stuff down.  When there's not much thought in it, there's a real freeing feeling.  You know, like when your a kid coloring, you don't really think about it, you just color.  The pages where really fun to make.  And then_________(insert the sound of a car breaks), the rest of the day was spent with video editing  problems, uploading problems and worst of all I had to change the music to the video in order for it to be played on YouTube, after it was already uploaded ( I apologize for the song choice), AND it still won't play. Now I have to start over.  Hopefully I can post it tomorrow.   Anyway, that's art!

Here's a picture of todays pages, enjoy.

Until the next blog....



  1. Some days, collages come together beautifully, as yours have today, and others...well, not so much! Some days are a trade off technically, and you just need to let go and begin again another day! I would trade those technically challenging days for a successful artsy day...any day!!