Wednesday, June 26, 2013

June Guys Challenge 2013 - Two for One, including my son

We're nearing the end of the challenge and I have enjoyed it so much.  This challenge really is a challenge.  I'm glad I decided to stick to pencil, it's more technical then I thought.  I'm more comfortable with painting because it's more forgiving. At any rate, I'm very proud of how much I've improved so far.

Today my 17 year old son came home for the summer.  He's been gone a year and I missed him beyond words.  I'm so happy he's home and I can't believe how tall he is, 5'10 at least.  I'm 5'3. Of course I had to draw him and include him in the challenge (with his permission of course).

Ladies and gentlemen, my son, Josh.

So this guy (below), is way out of proportion then the real guy.   The real guy is very slim, this gentleman is not so slim but I love how his hair came out, looks just like the real guys hair. I drew him last night but was too tired to upload

Until the next blog, enjoy!



  1. With Josh, it's all about the good facial structure (and the fact that he is handsome doesn't hurt!), where with the unnamed man, it's more about the facial features! Both are well drawn--even though you think the second is out of proportion. Remember, no one's face is symmetrical! You have just done an amazing job with your June Guys! Congrats!

  2. Awwww Kay, thank you. Josh is by far my favorite guy, for obvious reasons. LOL! Your right about peoples faces, it's just the critic in me.

  3. The portrait of your son is very good, great shading and depth! <3