Saturday, July 6, 2013

Show me yours...first photo

Hey folks, taking on another challenge from Ayala Art, called Show Me Yours.  I'll be sharing photos from my corner of the world.  If your into photography, I encourage you to jump in, it's sure to be fun.

I live in Newport News Virginia and though I long to move back to Santa Cruz California, there are some beautiful sites here in this neck of the woods.  Speaking of woods, me and my girl Simone were out for a walk in Newport News Park and I snapped a few  photos. Here's one I thought was interesting.

Newport News park is really a beautiful park

here's looking at me looking at you looking at me

Can't wait to show you more.  Until the next blog..... Enjoy!



  1. All three are great photos, Carol, but I love the bug! ;-)

  2. Gorgeous park! The water looks so peaceful and beautiful ♥

  3. Nice photos. I'll be joining soon. I'm looking at the bug...Ayeeee!:)