Saturday, October 26, 2013

Nays Story

Good morning world!

This has been a busy crafty week and I haven't had time to participate in the challenges that I signed up for, so I got up early this morning to make a good attempt at it.  This post is for the Art Journal Journey- She Art Challenge and for the Paper Saturdays Challenge

I grew up with five (5) incredible brothers and no sisters.  Needless to say and to the disappointment of my parents,  I was (and am) quite the tomboy.  My nickname is Nay Nay, my brothers call me Nay.  When I started my art journal this figure kept appearing in my doodles, so much that I ended up hand carving her as a stamp and then having her professionally made into a stamp.  You'll notice that I reuse a lot of my images in my work.  However, the image of Nay is my alter ego, her spirit is all mine!  My hair is not that unruly, though as a child I HATED to get my hair done.  Today I have long dreads.  Blue jeans are my second skin and I'm waaay to old to wear a midriff top, but I would rock those boots in a heart beat!  That's my story and I'm stickin to it!!!

Do you have an alter ego image that you use in your work, or a reoccurring theme?

Until the next blog...enjoy!



  1. I LOVE HER! That's so cool that your made your alter ego figure into a stamp too. I think that I have one too, and he's got spiky hair like me, but a little thinner than I am now. LOL! Have a blessed weekend.

  2. Funky Girl Nay Nay! I would recognize her anywhere! Your talent is just so amazing, Carol. I am so glad you finally have your stamps in your Etsy Shop!

  3. She is definitely cool, great self portrait.

  4. :), nice to know about you, it makes me understand your Nay, in a better way!
    I liked her!

  5. This is a cool image. I love her! The hair is to die for.