Wednesday, February 5, 2014

Hey folks!

Hey bloggers,

If you've been coming by, I hope you've been checking out my link above (tumblr) to see what I've been up too.  When you upload pictures to Instagram you can also upload them to Twitter and Tumblr at the same time, there is no option to upload to Blogger (very frustrating), I hope that changes soon. Because I've been having technical difficulties uploading pics to Blogger (takes a long time to do a post).

So let me bring you up to speed.  I really enjoy being able to carve my own  stamps, partly for the challenge and its nice to have a one of a kind stamp.  I love using them in my art journal and on my tags.

These ladies look great together!

 This stamp was the most difficult to carve, but it's my favorite

                                                       Again I got my ladies together.

   I dedicated this stamp to my daughter who is never without her huge sunglasses (kinda looks like her too)
 This stamp is pretty large compared to the tag.  It almost has a stencil effect.

As you can see some of these stamps have quite a few details to them.  The more details the more challenging it is to carve.  In the end, the imperfections can be corrected with markers and I think the thick chunky lines adds that much more character to the stamp.

Now that I've got these new stamps and I've tested them, I'm ready to start making my cards and tags for real!   Thanks for stopping by.

Until the next blog...enjoy


p.s. after two days of trying to upload this post, I've found the secret is to use a different browser.  Humph! Who knew??


  1. Instagram, Twitter and Tumblr are all way beyond me, Carol! But, I am glad to catch up with you here! You have been a very busy artist and stamp designer! Your new images are beautiful! You manager to capture "character" in your images, not an easy thing for most designers to incorporate, I have found! Congratulations!

  2. Beautiful stamps and love your Mixed Media Video thanks for sharing!!!