Tuesday, May 13, 2014

Repeating stamps repeating stamps repeating stamps repeating stamps

As you know, I kinda like carving my own stamps.  This time around, I thought I'd try my hand at carving repeating stamps, though I had no clue on how to do it.

First I carved this lil diddy. 
As a background on a journal page, it doesn't look too bad.  The key is to try to stamp it in the right direction to make the center design.  And of course it would have been nice to have the entire thing straight along the page.

Next, I thought I'd go bigger.

I really like how this one turned out. 

I couldn't resist adding some eyes and  facial expressions in there.

They cover the tags fairly well too.

I think it's great that this stamp makes a center design and another one where the little point meets. 
Now that I sorta get the idea of how these are created I'm definitely going to try more.  Have you tried carving stamps yet? 
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  1. Very nice - carving stamps sound interesting tfs!!!

  2. First, I have to tell you that your blog post title made me laugh. It definitely got my attention, Carol! But, your stamps, well they merely amaze me! My mind just does NOT work that way.