Sunday, October 5, 2014


Happy Sunday,

Drawing for me, can be very challenging and it's only because I don't practice enough.  I'm a very impatient artist, I want instant gratification and I rarely get it with drawing.  I need to really get over this and put the time in so that it won't seem like such a chore.  You would think with all the stamp carving that I do, that I'm zipping these drawings out, the truth is,  some of the drawings take FOREVER.  Now, there are days when I can put the pencil to the paper and it flows so beautifully and quickly then there are days when I can't draw a straight line and it's all comes back to PRACTICE.

So I decided that I would practice more so that when I have an idea for a painting or stamp I can get that idea down a lot faster than I do now.  That being said, here's a sketch, it needs some tweaking, but overall, I'm happy with. I love love love to swing.  If I happen to go to park and there's a swing, you can count on me getting at least one swing in. Your never to old to swing, right?

Is there a skill or something that you'd like to perfect? I'd love to hear about it, until then...enjoy!


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