Tuesday, December 9, 2014

Feature Stamp Tuesday

It's Carve December and  I thought I would carve along with everyone else.  I'm using all of my rubber scraps instead of cutting rubber from a new block.  Waste not!!!

This little stamp packs a big punch.  Whenever I carve repeating stamps I never have a plan in mind.  I draw a design and carve.  Then play around with it to see how it works.

This stamp makes a cute double pinwheel ornament.  All it needs is some bling.

I would love for you to come carve stamps with me.  I'm teaching a basic stamp carving class in February's My Color is Beautiful Art Workshop.  Click on the button on the picture below to register.
Thanks so much for your visit today.  Until the next blog,,,enjoy!!


1 comment:

  1. Love your pinwheel ornament, Carol! I have met other stamp designers, but most omit the detail that makes a stamp special! You don't! You are on your way!