Sunday, February 8, 2015

What's in My Art Journal? - Mulberry Paper

Happy Sunday everyone!

Today's art journal page is an untitled 2yr old Gelli plate print that has finally made its way into one of my journals.  While making some prints I used a scrap piece of Mulberry paper for the "second" prints of what I was printing, with the plan to discard it.  This second print turned out better than the first. Thought I seen a face in there, so I defined what I thought I saw with a distress marker.   The writing at the bottom reads: "Click your paint brushes together, close your eyes and say, there's no art like mine, there's no art like mine, there's no art like mine..."   That's for that inner art critic in all of us.

This Mulberry paper is by Speedball and I really like it for Gelli plate printing.  The prints always appear as if it's in the paper and not on top of the paper.  The paper is a mix of kozo, which is mulberry, and bamboo.  One side is smooth and the other is a little rough.  You will find it's a very strong paper. Wonderful for other art projects too.

That's all I got today, thanks for your visit.  I'd love it if you subscribed and if you get a chance, try some mulberry paper and let me know what you think about it. Oh yeah, and remember, there's no art like yours

Until the next blog...enjoy!!


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  1. OMGosh, Carol, you had me at the first paragraph and I had not yet seen your art! Love that quote! I have often found the second gelli printing to produce the more amazing result! Love your project here!