Sunday, April 12, 2015

What's in My Art Journal? - Cute as a Button!

Hey you!!

On Thursday, my oldest, Sharday,  turned 29!!! Can you please please please tell me where the time went? Looking back on this cutie pie, I tried to capture a moment in a stencil.  The expression didn't come out quite as I wanted but I can turn up the corners of her mouth with distress markers after I spray it. The circles are suppose to represent....buttons.

Sharday as grown into a beautiful young woman who is sweet, funny and outgoing.  She's so supportive and has my back like no other.  Every now and again, the way she smiles or tilts her head, I get a quick glimpse of that same baby face then it's gone.

Well, that's what's in my art journal.  Thanks for your visit.  I would love it if you click the subscribe button to follow my blog.  So, until the next blog....enjoy!


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  1. Oh, my, Carol--I had no idea you have a child of this age! You are wearing motherhood beautifully, my friend. A lovely play in your journal to take a look back at that lovely smile and face! Love it!