Sunday, April 26, 2015

What's in My Art Journal? - Twinkle Twinkle Little Son...

...My oh my, how you have  grown!

My son turned 19 this week (my daughter's birthday was earlier this month). I've been reminiscing about him as a baby and how much energy he had.  I cherished his naptimes! Now a days he's up all night, on the phone or the computer.

Walking down memory lane, I came across this picture. He had tuckered himself out this day and fell asleep on the couch like this.  I cut the picture out and nestled him on the moon that I cut out too.  This was back in the day when the 12X12 scrapbook pages were intimidating to me and I would scrap a 4x6 instead. LOL!!!!

Opening up this picture in Inkscape software, I used a drawing filter  on him and the moon.  The picture was printed out on cardstock where I added a layer of clear gesso over it so that the distress stains would blend well.  The journal pages, were pages that I used to clean my brayer off on in between gelli plate prints.  I sprayed black and blue inks over both pages and flicked white specks of acrylic paint all over.  Some of the brayer colors are showing through, giving it a bit of a galaxy look.  Next I glued the cut out image on my page.  I was going to write the above title on the left side and decided against it.  I like it just as is.  

I appreciate your visit today and hope you'll visit again.  Until the next blog...enjoy!


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  1. Carol, this is just marvelous and a real treasure, I might add. Handsome little boy here. At first glance, I thought the image was actually a stamp because of all the detail and the appearance of texture. Great manipulation skills going on! Thanks for sharing such a sweet family photo!