Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Feature Stamp Tuesday - New Stamp Samples

This post is late today because I was waiting for my samples to come in the mail.  You've recently seen this art in my journal and on greeting cards and I'm happy to announce they both will be cling stamps available in my Etsy shop next week. Yay!!!

Meet Son and the Moon  (that really is my son) and I haven't decided on a name for the lady.  Any suggestions?

I can't wait to make some projects with these and share them with you, so, stay tuned.

Appreciate you stopping by today.  Until the next blog...enjoy!


1 comment:

  1. Love your "Son" stamp, Carol, and I definitely remember seeing it before. Your lady I have seen most recently in your beautiful June "Tim Tag: and it is a stunner! Unless you have another stamp by the same name, why not call her "Carol"? She reminds me of a song I heard recently called "Jump In," and you are always jumping in--fearless of new challenges! Nice post today, my friend!