Sunday, June 28, 2015

What's in my Art Journal? - Experimental pages

Hey folks!

My art journals are a combination of technique experiments and real art journal pages.  I try to go back to those experimental pages and make them into art journal pages.

Theses two pages were not made all at once, they happened over a span of time in stages.  The left side is a page that started out with a horrible sketch that I tried to cover up with various ink sprays.  Then I used it to test out a repeating hand carved stamp. I can't remember what was in the right corner, only that I wanted it covered up.  So, I covered it up with yet another sample stamping of two hand carved stamps (Mr. & Mrs. Right) that also had the same background stamp.

On the right, this page was also used to test out a hand carved repeating stamp.  I didn't like the way it was lining up and eventually covered it with a womans profile.  You can still see the stamp in various places.  I didn't like face and covered it with paper that eventually was torn off and covered here and there with a little white wash paint.

Next, at some point in time, I use the page to practice drawing leaves on vines, that I carried over to the left side (before I put the Mr.& Mrs down).  I tested another hand carved stamp and stamped her on the hairline of the woman and colored her.

There is a ton of stuff going on  in both of these pages and I always find something new (a scribble or splat of ink, or paint) when I look at it.  I love to be able to recycle my experiments.

Do you save your experiments and try to re-create with them or do you say good bye to them?

Thanks for your visit today, until the next blog...enjoy!


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