Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Characters in the studio

Now that I have my studio back, I'm trying to stay on top of the chaos which is so hard to do when you have a frenzy of ideas that you have to try all at once.  I have to giggle at my insanity sometimes.  I have a couple of characters in my studio that I tend to add/remove  little embellishments to when I straighten up.  Let me introduce you to them.

Meet Barbara, my vintage dress form (Princess Adjustoform, from England).  I bought Barbara from a friend , who named it and even though the dress form is not padded, I actually use it when I'm sewing garments, not for fitting but for pinning and hemming.  I  wish I was this size, I don't dare try to adjust  it because it's/she's a bit touchy.
When I'm  not using Barbara I keep her dressed in one of my smocks.  Sometimes she's draped with material or whatever I may be sewing and what better place to hang my camera and embroidery hoop.

One of my other characters in the studio is this mannequin head.  I use this mannequin for making masks.  I put clay on the face to build up the features around the mouth, eyes, and cheekbones and then put plastic wrap on top so the plaster gauze strips won't stick to it.  When this mannequin is not modeling for me, I keep it draped with necklaces my nieces made me when they were 5 and 6 (they are now 17 and  19), various lei's and junk jewelry.  The mask and ears are from my daughters cat woman costume and the head lamp was my sons(who thought this was a dumb stocking gift, lol!) The head lamp is pretty cool to use if you need two hands while your working on something in dark spaces or if the power goes out.

So, if it's in the studio looking like it should have some character, then I try to give.  Otherwise it just looks blah, well at least in my studio, don't you think?   Do you have items in your studio or work space that you purposely dress up or decorate? Or do you have areas where you have little "themes" or "scenes"?

Thanks for stopping by today.  Drop me a line to let me know you were here today.

Until, the next blog...enjoy!

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