Sunday, September 27, 2015

What's in my art journal? - I See Faces

Happy Sunday everyone.

My art journal share today is the result of left of ink from a stencil I made last week.  As I was working on last week journal page and experimenting, I was using the page next to it to wipe off the excess ink from the stencil.  Sometimes that's as far as I go with cleaning my stencils.  It's second nature for me to use another journal page to do this so I really wasn't paying attention.  It wasn't until I was finished that I noticed how the faces overlapped.  How many faces do you see?

I think it's wonderful when a page emerges unexpectedly and seemingly without any effort.  I purposely added the stencil in the top left and bottom right corners and some marker lines to help see the faces then called it done.

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Until the next blog...enjoy!


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