Sunday, April 3, 2016

What's in my art journal? When is enough enough?

...I mean really!  I watched a Dyan Reaveley video on color mixing(she only uses three in the same color family) and ghosting (water sprayed through a stencil leaves a very light colored stencil outline). A technique I had to try.   You know the camera is never rolling when you want it to be so I missed taking pictures of the beginning part of laying down the colors and building up the layers with ghosting and stenciling.

I used my own stencil desgin around the sides and bottom of the art journal.  The figures are my stencil too.  Then I thought it needed more and more and more.  I think I went a bit crazy, there's so much to look at.   What do you think? Did I go to far?

This looks gorgeous so far

Then I stenciled some more and added white....perhaps too much.

Tried toning down all that white outline by doodling in it and blocking some of it out around the stars, then added more white marking through a stencil.

Finally, I was able to stop myself.  I enjoyed this spread so much.  These pages took two days to do.  According to Dyan Reaveley people don't allow enough drying time between the inks and certain techniques especially when it comes to writing on your page with a white pen.  She said though the pages may appear dry the core of the page may still be wet and spraying inks on the back of the page could cause it to seep through.  Check out her video here, it's very informative.

I appreciate your visit, if you haven't already, I'd loved for you to follow my blog.  Until the next blog...enjoy!


  1. Stunning as usual. The toning down of the white made it so much more pleasing to the eye. TFS!

  2. Such a lot of interest and texture here, Carol! Love the darker tones, too. Love your female very subtle! Bravo!

  3. Carol all the steps to achieve the final are great! The colors are great, the dark colors don't really seem that dark but bring the page together