Sunday, September 11, 2016

What's in my art journal? The making of a giant tag art journal

I am so addicted to the store Tuesday Morning.  The main reason is that all of their craft supplies, including my beloved Tim Holtz, is sold CHEAP....wait, not Tim Holtz himself, but his products.  You know what I mean. But let me just say, if you have a Tuesday Morning in your area and you see something you like, buy it right then.  Sure enough, if you don't and you go back later it will be gone!

Anyway, I bought these giant tags, by Ranger for $1.99 (10 in a pack, size 5 1/8" x 10 1/2").  I had no idea that they came in this size.  HEAVEN!!  These particular tags have the perfect surface for all of the mediums that I like to work with and will make a wonderful tag shaped journal.

To put the journal together I'm using Tim Holtz washi tape (which incidentally, I bought from Tuesday Morning a couple of years ago for a couple of bucks).  This washi tape is very easy to re- position if necessary.  I'm putting half of the washi tape on one side of the tag.

Turning the tag over, I'm positioning another tag on the other half of the washi tape with just the smallest gap between the two tags as possible. 

Another strip of washi tape is place on top of these two tags. Next, the notches between the tags are cut out and the tape is cut off at the bottom too. Now I have two tag pages.

These steps are repeated until I have used the entire packet, making this a very looonnnnggg giant tag journal (try saying that fast 5 times).

Because, I've used a tiny lil gap between each tag, the holes in the tags line up pretty good when the journal is closed.  The wonderful part about this journal is if a page doesn't  match up, simply take the washi tape off and reposition that tag.

This accordion style giant tag journal is now ready for  some fun.  Side note:  I have greeting cards that I've saved over the years from friends and family and am thinking of matching them up by size and doing these steps above.  Wouldn't that be a cute way of keep those memories together?

I hope this has inspired you to create your own giant tag art journal.  Thanks for coming by.  Until the next blog...enjoy!

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