Sunday, April 6, 2014

Lets Print on Manilla Tags with an Inkjet Printer

Hello folks!

  I do a lot of tag art and sometimes want to print directly on the tag instead of stamping or cutting the image out.  I thought I would share with you how to print images on manila tags. This is a long post so hang in there.

You can print on a tag with any printer that is a top loading printer(I'm using a #8 tag).  I would not recommend using a printer that takes in the paper and then turns it around on the roller to print.  (sorry I don't know the terms).  I also don't know how this would work on a laser jet printer.  Keep in mind the laser jet printer uses heat sooo....?

Below is my sketch that I scanned and opened it in word.  I just randomly chose that program you can use your photo editing software. 

I'm using an HP Photosmart printer that uses only 4X6 size paper.  So I had to make sure the paper size I chose in Word was the same size.  I also made sure to  select the correct orientation, in this case it's portrait. 

Next, this was a good time to resize it, and place the  image on the screen about where I thought it would print.  (If the ruler option is turned on and you measure your image, placing the image on the  tag should not be an issue) .  I checked print preview and printed the image first on photo paper.

I lined up my tag side by side with the printed image and was satisfied where the image would print and then taped the top of the tag with tissue tape (a low tack tape) and the sides.   (Adjust your image at this point if you need to)
 Notice tag is a bit longer than the photo paper, which is fine, the part is not part of the print area.

I put the taped tag in the printer the same way I loaded the paper the first time. (on my printer the top of the tag should be loaded down into the feeder). 

Here are my results.  I've printed on tags that I've distressed with inks and spray inks and then colored my images with distress markers.  Note: depending on the products you use on the tags, the ink may need to be heat dried or it may not dry at all and could possible create a resist to the ink.    However, experiment and have fun.  Let me know how it worked out for you.

 (this was a tag from a previous project and the quote had already been stamped on it). I used distress markers and a water brush,  I like how faint the image turned out..

Another tag from a previous project.   The background of this tag was a stencil idea gone wrong with some color shine sprays.  I used the distress markers on the printed image, full strength.  The background created a weird color around the mouth and nose area and a resist in the chest area...interesting.

 I printed the image on Canson recycled Bristol paper  and colored with distress markers and a water brush.  Then placed on a tag from yet another project that had a gelli plate print on it. 

Whew!!! Appreciate you hanging in there with the long post.  This was fun and I loved how all the tags came out.  Thanks for stopping by.  Until the next blog....enjoy.

















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  1. What a totally brilliant idea, Carol! I am going to try this, too! Love that image, by the way!