Tuesday, December 16, 2014

Feature Stamp Tuesday - Finish Me Stamp

Hello everyone!!

Today I'm featuring one of my Finish Me stamps.  This cling stamp is a great stamp to experiment with drawing faces, hair and facial expressions.  As I'm still learning to draw, and can be an impatient artist, sometimes I need a little head start, a push, a nudge. Ok Ok and I'm a wee bit lazy.  Sometimes all I want to have to work on is the face.  I like this stamp just for that purpose.  

I like to use distress  inks  to blend the the outlines with distress markers.  Or I'll use archival ink to stamp the outline so that the lines won't be manipulated as I color the stamped image.

Here the stamp was used on an art journal page using archival ink, and distress markers. Notice how her face seems to be turns slightly more to the right because of how the features where placed)

Here I'm using distress markers. (btw this was the original hand carved stamp)

Again, stamped and colored with distress inks, so that I can blend the outline as I color the inside of the stamp.  (I generally use a water brush with all my distress inks) The overall look is soft with no harsh outline.

 It's nice to have a stamp that can be changed to match the story your trying to tell, plus your challenged by the pose.  What facial expression would you draw?  What hair style would you use?  I haven't decided either just yet on this one.

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Oh yeah!  I've been carving along for #Carve December.  Here's a few of my carvings.  Mainly these posting are on instagram, my user name is naysworld8,.  There are so many fantastic carvers, you've got to check it out.

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  1. Love your new "Finish My Stamp" stamp, Carol! You have shown how to create a variety of finished images, each very different from the others. Amazing work!