Tuesday, January 13, 2015

Feature Stamp Tuesday - Workshop!!

Hey folks,

Todays feature is not a stamp per say, but a stamp class. A while back I mentioned that I'd been invited to teach in the My Color is Beautiful Art Workshop right? Well, it's almost that time and there is still room for you too.

If you've ever been curious about stamp carving or just wanted to have another creative outlet (of which you can never have too many), this is going to be the perfect class for you. Not only that, there will be 7 other amazing amazing artists that will  show you painting techniques, journaling, color theory, a book project and more. You don't want to miss this.

Check out the quick video, subscribe if you haven't already( so I can keep you updated about the up coming workshop).  Click here to register.


  1. The video didn't work for me, Carol, but want to go on record as wishing you and the others great classes! I know yours especially will be great. Maybe next time around for me!

    1. @kay wallace so sorry Kay, I can't watch it from my phone only from my laptop. But I can watch it on YouTube from my phone....strange.