Sunday, March 5, 2017

What's in my art journal? Remixed pages

Wow! I didn't realize how long it's been.  Hello everyone!

My mojo has been vacationing, I think it's on it's way back, and while I've been patiently waiting (never force your mojo) I decided I was going to give a few art journal pages a make over.

The majority of all my art journal books are filled with experiments that I like to keep for reference.  Others have  random doodles on them or pages that I've cleaned my stencils or paint brushes on, and the occasional fully completed art journal page.  There are a more than a few pages that I can't bare to look at and serve no purpose at all.  I've decided to give a couple a make over, a remix, if you will.

First up, this was one of those pages where I tried a few things out on.  Stencils, colors, doodle.  I want to burn this page.

Remix - why not cover up the offending images with some stamp samples and stencils.   Now it's a page I can live with.  I love that the eye from the original page is still visible (top right corner).

Now this page is one of those chameleon pages.  You know the kind that start out one way and end up another and then another and another. (I forgot to take a pic before adding the silhouette and stencil on top)

Remix - Add a silhouette, pencil in some details, add some stencils, paints and make it look like a graffiti wall.

I knew I wanted the silhouette over the eye and lucky for me part of the eyebrow looks like the hand.  Isn't that cool? Up close you can see some of the details from the original page coming through her outfit.


Though this is not an journal page, this canvas needed a new look too.  This was created from some online workshop I took where you where suppose to have certain elements,affirmations,  things that were to help free up your creativity.

Remix- I blocked out elements that are no longer relevant and added stronger colors and brought the image from the background  to the foreground.

What a difference between the two images.  I've grown alot as an artist over the years.  I'm finally enjoying the process of creating. The journey.  I used to stress about the amount of art I wasn't doing as if I had to crank something out everyday.  To be honest, I don't have it everyday, but when I do it's a wonderful ride!

Thanks for visiting.  Feel free to comment, share and follow.    Until the next blog...enjoy!

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