Sunday, May 28, 2017

What's in my art journal? Workshop Sneak Peek

Happy weekend everyone!

I'll be teaching an art journal workshop locally (Newport News, VA) in July and I'm super super excited about it.  We'll be making a 9 x 6, 16 page PHUNKY journal (say that fast 5 times). You'll have the option of making two different kinds or a combination.  One of the options is unlike anything you've ever made before!!! Sorry that's all I can say.   Here's a sneak peek at two of the pages from my journal.

Meet Joe, he's a new stamp (coming soon to my Etsy shop) and he's chillin' on the edge of this journal page.  I placed a piece of white paper behind him so you could focus on the edge of the page.

Taking advantage of the shape of Joe's page, on the backside I drew a male figure.  Depending on how you see him, he's either looking around the corner, hanging out on the side, or simply just another side of Joe.  You decide, maybe you see something completely different.

Anyway, the point is, take advantage of pages with odd shape (particularly junk journals, torn pages) and make them work for you.

I mentioned new Joe stamp will be in the shop soon as well as a few others next week.  I can't wait to show you.  I'll keep you posted about the workshop.

Thanks for stopping by.  As usual, until the next blog...enjoy!!


  1. I love Joe--both front and back! I would love to see both of these in your Etsy shop! I am always looking for stamps that are either the back of people or even a side view. I wish I were close enough to attend your class! It promises to be great!

  2. Well now you've just given me a great idea. I hadn't thought about making the drawing into a stamp. I'll have to do that. I wish you could take the workshop too. I'll keep you posted.