Sunday, December 21, 2014

What's in my Art Journal - Warm up

Hi Everyone!!

What's in my Art Journal today is a page warm up.  When I'm not sure what to create, or need some inspiration, my most favorite favorite technique to do is what I call a "warm up".  The object of this warm up is to loosen up and enjoy the process.  It doesn't matter if the outcome looks good, it's really about the process of putting paint on paper and not judging yourself.

Two rules; 1) just a few paint colors (doesn't matter if they compliment each other or not) 2) let go/don't plan this page.  I start by blobbing a few colors on the page and then with an old gift card, smear the paint around the page and make marks in the wet paint with the card for texture (I don't always make marks).  Sometimes I dry this background completely, but the best way is to dry it slightly.  I'm always going to paint  a face on top of this (cause that's just what I doe) and I like painting wet in wet so that the colors blend.

I never have a face in mind I just let it develop as I paint.  The end result is always two things; one, the way I feel and two, looky there, I've just made some art.  I admit, I am not always pleased with the face, some are just a painterly mess! Regardless of how I feel about the actual face, that process, helps me create the next piece of art. The purpose was to loosen me up.  If I'm feeling a little down, upset, or have a need to procrastinate. I'll sit and do this technique.  I'm telling you it does wonders for the soul.

So, this is what I recommend for you.  If your in a head space that you don't want to be in, try this.  It can help the situation and relax or energize you.  Be sure you follow the rules though.  You don't have to paint a face, paint anything you'd like on top of the background.  Let me know how it works for you,

Wishing you all a very very merry Christmas. Until the next blog...enjoy!