Sunday, March 8, 2015

What's in My Art Journal? And the winner is.......!

Hello Crafty people,

I have been a Mad Men fan from the very first episode.  The series is coming to an end and to gear up for the last few episodes, they've been playing old episodes on Sunday mornings.  I'm going to miss the handsome complicated Don Draper along with everyone else and their wonderful story lines.

This is a page from the  art journal that I made posted on 2/28/15, you can view it here.  One of the things that I like about this journal is that I don't have to worry about background color because it's already done for me.   Now, my Don Draper here, appears to have gain some weight and is looking frumpy, but that's ok.  I plan on adding some other drawings/paintings.  Like his hat, maybe some whiskey  and cigarettes (ever present in the show) or maybe some of the characters, we'll see.

And now, for the winner...........drum roll........Congratulations KAY!!!!! I have your contact info and will be mailing your stamp on Monday.

As always, I appreciate your visit, I would also appreciate if you'd subscribe to my blog (check on the left side).

Until the next blog...enjoy!



  1. Wow! Thanks, Carol! I am absolutely thrilled and will be haunting my mail box toward the end of the week! Love your work today, although I have never allowed myself to get hooked on Mad Men because it was on too late for me. Glad to see you continue to show us what's in your new, handmade journal!!

    1. Your so welcome. I tend to get hooked on shows. I guess I'll be doing a Scandals, How to Get Away with Murder, and House of Cards page too. LOL The size of the pages in this journal are just perfect for me.