Tuesday, March 10, 2015

Feature Stamp Tuesday - Jennifer Mcguire Inspired

Hey Crafty People!

Today's feature stamp is this kitty cat stamp that has no company name on it.  I think I picked it up at a thrift store.  This weekend I watched a Jennifer Mcguire video, check it out here.  The video inspired me to do something similar.  Only I didn't have the backside to this cat, so I carved my own.

The cat stamp is so small, it would get lost on a regular size card.  These little note cards, 2.5" x  4.5", are a better fit.  And didn't they turn out cute?

Here's the inside of the card

I'm on my way to making set of these, thanks to Jennifer!

While we're on the subject of stamps.  I want to remind you that I will be teaching a stamp carving class in the My Color is Beautiful Art Workshop.  The workshop is in week 6 of 10.  That's right 10 weeks of arty goodness with 8 instructors! I'm up on Monday, March 16, 2015, and yes, you can still register.  Once registered you will have access to all of the classes until December 2015.  Click here to register.


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    1. Thanks Linda, I used my distress markers, my fav.

  2. How very clever to make the second side for your too-cute kitty, Carol! Great card, too!