Sunday, March 15, 2015

What's in my Art Journal? - Apparently Frustration

Hello Crafters,

I'm still enjoying my new homemade art journal.  This is the last page page in this journal (I'm not finished with it, just working on the last page).

I thought I was doing a quick sketch of someone playfully pulling a hat down over their eyes.  Instead it looks more like a frustrated person.  Which is really how I felt that day.  I think Jackson Pollock said, "An artist paints who he is."  So there ya go.

As I've said before, one of the great things about this journal is that the background is already done for you. I just blocked out what I didn't want with gesso to help draw your attention to the center and so that she would stand out more.

Tomorrow  my Stamp Carving 101 class begins in the My Color is Beautiful Art Workshop.  I have a spectacular giveaway.  Be sure you check back tomorrow to see what it is.  In the meantime, I hope the rest of your day is wonderful.  Until the next blog...enjoy!



  1. carol...I was wondering how to make something show up on a previously made page, with all the goings on. Your hint of covering an area with gesso is just what I needed!
    I learn something new everyday! Love how you are sewing your pages together too. I need to find a way to use my expensive fairly new sewing machine in my art.
    Looking forward to seeing you tomorrow and learning how to cut out rubber stamps!

    1. Yes, the background can be a bit busy. But, as you can see you can tone it down with gesso or acrylic paints. The possibilities are endless. I'm excited about the class tomorrow. I hope you enjoy it. Looking forward to your feedback.

  2. Love how you used gesso to create a stage for your frustrated guy! He is intriguing with all the intimate detail that you have given him. You do amazing facial work, Carol!