Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Da man!

I meant to post this a few days back but never got around to it.  I posted part of it on instagram, Here's the rest.

I love me some Lenny Kravitz and tried to do a quick sketch of him.  It started going south so I put the pencil down quickly.  It's not a bad sketch it just isn't Lenny.  I thought about it and decided to try it again but with bolder strokes, darker lines.

The results were more on the lines of a comic super hero.  I'm calling him simply, Da Man! I ended carving him on some scrap rubber and making a couple of cards.  He makes a nice addition to my stash don't cha think?

I intend to re-carve him (gotta fix that nose) 

Thanks for stopping by, until the next blog..enjoy!


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