Sunday, August 16, 2015

What's in my art journal?

Flipping through my journals for today's share, I came across these doodles from when I was taking online classes.  Each class was 8 weeks long and for me each class was excruciating (I was very dramatic). Everyone's college experience is different.  Of course online is not for everyone.  You really have to be disciplined and motivated.  And if your a social butterfly, which I'm not, you may not like it.  I simply do not enjoy school, I never have.

The beginning of each 8 weeks of classes started the same, me full of dread and ended the same with me being very relieved. I think taking classes online is more work then taking classes face to face, however, online fit my situation better.  

Anyway, here's a photo grid showing the Trials and Tribulations of 8 weeks online.  Each doodle was a deliberate time of procrastination (I wish I could show you all of the doodles, which equals a LOT of procrastination).  These are an accurate depiction of how I felt about each week for the 3yrs I took classes. Needless to say, all drama aside, it was worth it.  I did get my degree. Interesting side note, I did more doodling and art work when I was taking online classes then I do now. hmmmmmm

What task(s) do you dread the most and do you procrastinate before getting it done or do you dive right in?

Thanks for today's visit.  Until the next blog...procrastinate now not later!!


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