Sunday, October 25, 2015

What's in my art journal? Bathroom Break?

Hello everyone,

This journal page is dedicated to a silly memory.  Years and years and I mean years ago, I worked in the restaurant business for 5yrs.  2yrs of it was in the basement of a restaurant doing accounting for 5 other restaurants. The basement was the central accounting office for a large corporation. The basement had a strange vibe and we would have to deal with horrible sewer smells and sewer backups all the time. My friend/co-worker/roommate and I shared the same interest of people watching and delighted in the quirks of peoples personality.  She would often comment on  how everyone had a "bathroom" personality and how the positions of feet looked under the bathroom stall.  Not about the people themselves but looking at the feet underneath the stalls collectively while waiting in line was a "thing" (for lack of a better word) of hers.  Not a fetish, just a thing.

Very often, she said, there would be one person in one of the stalls that always appeared to be just standing or leaning against the wall.  "what is she doing?"  "is that where she REALLY wants to take a breakk?"  It was quite the mystery, but it was a favorite topic of ours and we had a million scenarios of what was happening in that stall.  The biggest mystery was that we didn't know who it was.

Of course, it's still a mystery to this day.  Now before you judge us, just know that we were 19yrs old at the time, weird things are interesting at 19.  I haven't thought of that memory in a very long time and out of no where it popped up, as memories often do.  So I had to add it to my journal.

Do you have a habit of looking for quirky things out here in this world?

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  1. This certainly made me smile, Carol! At the age of 71, I have stood in bathroom lines for many years and, yes, even noticed a few feet under stall doors! In days gone by, ladies would often stand in bathroom stalls to "grab a smoke," so that could account for the standing lady. Great to capture memories, isn't it! Great art, too!