Sunday, October 18, 2015

What's in My Art Journal? - Just Another Random Day

Well hello there!

I love flipping through my journal to see how far I've come creatively as well as for inspiration.  I'm not sure I posted this before or not, if so, it's worth another look.  I'm every bit of a craft hoarder.  It's hard for me to through bits, clips and pieces away.  Especially if it has a cute doodle on it or is or some interesting bits of color.

This journal page, Just Another Random Day, may be 2 years old and it appears to be quite the collection of a lot of what I mentioned above.  This type of page is a good way to try to get rid of those extras that you can't seem to throw away.  Let's have a closer look.

On closer inspection, I"m reminded of some favorite projects because this page has some of those extra scraps or bits of tape.  The page is a bit dark in color due to some kind of wash I put on top.  One day I think I"ll go back and lighten up some areas to make it pop more.

What do you do with your bits, clips and pieces?  Are you compelled to keep them or is it easy for you to let them go?

Well, it's going to be a beautiful day here in VA and it's the last day of the Poquoson Seafood Festival, at some point today, I'll be sampling some of that delicious seafood.

Thanks for coming by, hope you enjoy the last of the weekend.

Until the next blog...enjoy!!


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