Sunday, March 13, 2016

What's in my art journal? Quarter Repeat Stamps

Hello there!

Before I get started with today's share, I want to bring your attention to the right side of this screen.  I've got some artwork available in Society6.  You may have seen some of this before, the difference being is that this work is now available on different products such as pillows, cell phone cases, totes and as prints(framed or unframed). So please take a moment and check me out over there, click here, and tell me what you think.

On to today's share.  I'm working on background pages to either make into a art journal book or to add to an existing journal.   Decision is in the air. In the past, I've carved a lot of quarter repeat stamps.  The purpose of a quarter repeat stamp is that stamping it side by side to form a block will create a nice pattern.

I've shown some of these stamps a year ago when I participated in Julie Fei Fan Balzer's Carve December challenge.

When making the quarter repeat stamps, I never plan it out, I just draw - carve- stamp.  The finished design is always a surprise and it's fun trying to figure out how many designs can come from one stamp.

variation 1

variation 2 (check out the lil flower design in the middle)

I'm using a ombre ink pad for this stamp and the others below

I love this as a partial design on the page

I really like how this design is spaced out

variation 1 gives a center design and larger center design and 4 other designs.  can you spot them?

variation 2 gives a large center design and the same 4 as above

This is my favorite  The yellow was added to fill in gaps.
notice the small circle designs it makes too.

I'm happy to say that this last stamp will be available in my Etsy shop next week.  I'll have a video with some test runs of this stamp as well as 2 new stamps too.   I'd like to point out, if it isn't obvious, because I don't plan, the stamps don't always line up well or the secondary pattern doesn't match up well.  However, this is not important to me, again, I like to be surprised.  

Honestly, I like the pages with the full designs and now I don't know if I can put anything over it.  Playing with these stamps this morning, has inspired me to do a lil stamp carving today.  That's exactly where I'm off to now.

Thanks for your visit today.  Until the next blog...enjoy!

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  1. Gorgeous background stamps, Carol! The citrus wedge is my favorite! Congrats, too, on branching out to Society6. Impressive products there from you!!