Sunday, April 17, 2016

What's in my art journal?


Recently I was gifted some wonderful stencil masks.  A mask is the cut out from a stencil (like a reverse stencil). Two of my favorite from the bunch is this fence and this sprig of flowers or leaves.  The latter reminds me of a tree and that's how I used it. 

Both journal pages already had a background started.  On this  page, I put the mask down and sprayed "smoke" distress stain over it.  

With the distress stain that was left on top, the masks were then flipped over onto this page.  Sometimes within the ink blots I can see an image trying to emerge.  Within one of the ink blots I seen this Berenstain bear"ish" figure, so I traced over it with a marker and added some details.  Afterwards , at first, I was sorry I did it because the bear doesn't really go with the page, or at least not the "idea" of the page I had in mind.  But the bear is cute, and I believe we owned half of the poplars books at one time, so I'm going to have to work on this being a Berenstain Bear theme.  I think I see a castle in the background or a villain.  Oh yeah, there's a story in there some where.   Reminds me of when the kids were young, this was fun.

Thanks for your visit, until the next blog...enjoy!


  1. So very nice, you sure know what your doing.

  2. The second gets my vote--I think because of the softer color palette. Oddly, I didn't even see the bear when I first looked at it. It is a rewarding detail that comes with a second (or maybe it was a third) look. Wonderful use of those backgrounds we all have! Bravo, Carol!