Sunday, June 12, 2016

What's in my art journal? My daughter

I always tease my daughter about being on "social media". I'm sure many of you can relate to this  picture.  Either you or someone you know can be found in the same position as this journal page. Honestly, keeping up with social media is exhausting, at least to me.

So, I took this picture of my daughter when we were at the Greek Festival last week.  This is the position I usually see her in.  From there, I had to carve this stamp.

Though her hair was not in a bun, I thought the stamp would have looked odd without something on the side of her head.   The art journal page followed.

I filmed the making of the journal page, hope to have that up in a few days.  Thank you for stopping by. Until the next blog....enjoy!


  1. You so brilliantly carve your stamps from real life. Perhaps it is what makes them so appealing. This one of your daughter is both lovely and funny because, yes, this is how I, too, find my daughter!