Sunday, October 2, 2016

Stencil and Masks Storage


I've been looking for a better way to store my stencils.  I have two 12x12 plastic storage containers that I've been keeping them in.  The problem is that I have to dig through all of these to get to the one I want and sometimes they've hooked on to one another.

Pintrest (don't you just love Pintrest?) led me to Carolyn Dube's video on how she stores her stencils and masks.  Totally copying this idea!!!  I ordered some J hooks online and went to work.

I already had a plastic crate (from Michaels) and thought that would make a perfect stencil "closet". Bought a long wooden dowel, then cut it down to fit inside the crate.  Drilled some holes inside the crate for the dowel to fit through.  Then hung my stencils.

Voila! Hello storage! What's even better is that I can hang the stencils up WET! (I rarely clean my stencils)

Next, I set out to make storage for my small stencils and stamp masks.  On a trip to the thrift store I picked up this book.  I was compelled to paint on the cover, I tell you COMPELLED!!  However, so, unnecessary because no one will ever see it.  (this book will never close again)

Anyway, following the video, I folded the pages in half (each page folded to the left ).  I thought I'd be a little clever and create sections by not folding some pages.  Here's what I got.

I have waaaaay more stamp masks then small stencils (new discovery).  So I grouped a lot of the small stencils together in a plastic pocket and put a J hook on it and hung them up.  Now I can easily get to my stamp masks with no problem. (notice the plastic baggie taped to the inside of the cover, for all my teeny tiny masks)

 Because of the sections, I was able to group all my Funky Girl stamp masks in one area, score!

Check out how Carolyn Dube did it here.  While your at it, check some of her other videos too, shes's incredible talented!

Thanks so much for stopping by.  Until the next blog...enjoy!

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