Sunday, August 20, 2017

Need some new stencils in your life?

Sooo, since my last post, I've been able to solve some of my stencil making issue (thanks to Linda Logan and my daughter).  Which has made it possible for me to have this wonderful set of Funky Girl stencils in my Etsy shop now.  Guess what? The stencils are only $5 each.  You get the stencil and the mask, 2 for the price of one. YESSSS!

Check out this stencil introduction video.

The stencils are cut on a 9" x 6" sheet of Matte Dura-Lar Film and is pretty sturdy.  The actual stencil and mask vary in sizes.  Though paints and dyes stain the stencil, it doesn't interfere with the performance of the stencil.  I do recommend that you wash the stencils after using, gel medium or gesso.  I am a stencil abuser and rarely wash my stencils.....don't do what I do, LOL!

Here's a closer look.  A you can see, some are a stencil within a stencil.




You can find my stencils here.  

Thank you for your visit today.  Until the next blog...enjoy!

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